Companies - Kenney Properties
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Kenney Properties

Kenney Properties focuses on the foundational elements of the development process, from purchasing land to final preparations for groundbreaking. To find ideal build locations, we work with numerous brokers and landowners. Once land is under contract, we take it through the entitlement process, which includes processes such as annexation, rezoning, and final permitting. Kenney Properties also engages with numerous lenders to obtain construction loans.

Kenney Development

Kenney Development is a licensed general contractor (GC) in multiple states throughout the Southeast. As a GC, we’ve built many of the apartment communities in our portfolio. Activities within this entity include overseeing the site work, constructing the physical buildings and residences, and creating distinctive property amenities.

Orange Star Asset Management

Orange Star is an asset management entity within Kenney Companies, supervising the property management companies that operate our communities. This entity also works with a variety of agencies and life insurance companies to acquire permanent loans on our properties. Constantly reviewing property and financial reports, Orange Star ensures that Kenney Companies functions efficiently.